Five Videos: Your Brain on Super Bowl Ads


Wonder what your brain looks like while watching commercials? Or, more to the point, what the electrical activity in your brain looks like? The folks at Sands Research have helped Neuromarketing readers by making available videos from five of the most engaging (by their metrics) 2009 Super Bowl ads.

Each video shows the commercial in one part of the frame and, next to it, measured EEG activity in different parts of the brain. EEG measurements make great videos because of the high sampling frequency. EEG readings are captured by having subjects wear a cap with many electrodes. While the data does not offer the three-dimensonal localization of brain activity that fMRI does, the speed, ease of use, and lower cost of EEG tests makes them a favorite of some neuromarketing firms.

Earlier, we reported on Sands ranking of the “top ten” 2009 Super Bowl ads. Now, here are the videos that helped form those rankings:

The Bridgestone Taters ad was judged the most engaging of the 72 2009 Super Bowl ads:

  1. Vlad says

    Very nice! I was just wondering what graph at the bottom of the video is represents?

  2. Jack says

    Very nice! I like the videos. Please upload more of these. It only shows the effects of marketing strategies with the brain activities.

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