New Blog to Focus on Neuroscience and Conflict Resolution


Stephanie West Allen, author of Idealawg, is teaming up with Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz of UCLA to write a new blog, Brains on Purpose, on how neuroscience can help inform the field of conflict resolution. Allen is both a prolific and insightful poster in her Idealawg blog, frequently drawing on neuroscience and psychology to explain real-world behavior and suggest actions based on those explanations. Shwartz is a research scientist and expert in neuroplasticity. Allen and Schwartz have co-authored several articles together – Neuromarketing readers might find Brain Management . . . Law Firm Leadership on the Neuro Frontier interesting. To go along with the new blog, a Brains On Purpose seminar is also planned.

We always enjoy reading Idealawg – Allen focuses on the legal world in her posts, but she is working a different vein in the same mine as we are at Neuromarketing: using new insights from neuroscience to understand why humans behave as they do, and then apply those insights to develop better strategies in business and legal situations. We’re looking forward to seeing what Allen and Schwartz have to say.

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