New Brainfluence Translations


brainfluence-simp-chineseI’m happy to say that there are (or will be) two new translations of Brainfluence – one in simplified Chinese, and (finally!) one in Spanish.

Simplified Chinese Brain Surgery

The simplified Chinese version is already in print and shipping. As expected, “Brainfluence” can’t be translated, so the title becomes,


Turning this into English with Google Translate yields, amusingly,

Sales control brain surgery: How to seize the thinking minds of consumers

Here’s the link: ?????:????????????. At current exchange rates, the Amazon price is a mere $5.50. A bargain, if you read Chinese.

Brainfluence in Spanish: Coming Soon

Spanish-speaking countries have a high level of interest in neuromarketing, as is evident from Google and Twitter data. The lack of a Spanish version of Brainfluence has been a thorn in my side, but now Ediciones Urano has acquired the rights and is apparently planning a March, 2015 release.

Stay tuned for more information!

  1. Lance says

    This is totally fantastic! I always look forward for Brainfluence to have its own translation. It’s just to stressful to have the contents translated on google everytime.
    This book really inspired me to understand marketing along with its multifaceted explanations.

  2. Lola says

    Congratulations! I’m waiting the Spanish edition for recommend it to my friends here in Spain. Good job Roger!

    1. Roger Dooley says

      Thanks, Lola, I will be excited to see it. And I will try to read it, I’m sure it will improve my marketing & science vocabulary in Spanish!

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