A New Look for Neuromarketing


Old style

Here at Neuromarketing, we’ve had the same look (shown above) since we launched in 2006. We’ve installed a new look with some additional advanced features, like a dynamic list of our most popular posts, a tag cloud, avatars for authors and commenters, and more. We’ll be tweaking this going forward, and would enjoy hearing from our readers. How do you like the look? What additional blog features would you find useful? We run on the popular WordPress platform, and chances are if you find a particular feature on another site useful we can do it here, too.

We also updated our subscription features a month or so ago to enable easy email subscriptions via Feedblitz.

The new theme itself is from WooThemes (yes, that’s our aff link), a company that offers an inexpensive but powerful set of themes with a variety of different looks and functions. We liked the fact that this theme was widget-ready and had its own control panel for managing ads, tracking codes, a host of look and feel settings, and more.

We’re used to having to hack theme templates a lot to get the look and function we want in a blog, and the control panel in this theme, Fresh News, meant we barely had to peek at the code. We also found that switching to this WooThemes theme cleared up hundreds of invalid HTML errors that existed in our old pages. We’re not validation-crazy, and there are a few minor errors that we haven’t had a chance to deal with, but it was nice to see the big improvement.

So, let us know what you think!

  1. karlyn says

    Looks great Roger!

  2. Jeff Swanson says

    Looks nice. I think it’s an improvement.

  3. Roger Dooley says

    Thanks, Karlyn and Jeff!


  4. Tom Wanek says

    Roger, your site looks really good. I just redesigned my site awhile back using Woo Themes. In fact, I think I used the same theme. You’ll find that it is very easy to use and update. Love your blog by the way!

    1. Roger Dooley says

      Thanks, Tom, by and large I’ve found the themes from WooThemes to be pretty easy to work with, and to require much less codehacking than most themes due to the combination of widgets and the “theme options” control panel.


  5. Ty says

    Give the neuromarketing content of the site I thought you would have custom designed a theme that appeals to the neurology?

  6. Roger Dooley says

    We might make some changes along those lines, Ty. Initially, getting a more up to date look and making better use of today’s screen resolutions was the main objective.


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