Sands Research Launches New Neuromarketing Services


Sands Research has announced a new set of neuromarketing services which the firm claims can improve ads during the “storyboard” process. Dr. Stephen F. Sands, Chairman and Chief Science Officer, states,

Our team performed an advanced EEG study for a national automotive brand where we presented sample viewers with both the creative storyboard and final television commercial product. We are now able to establish a rating score and rank order the commercials using our NEF (Neuro-Engagement Factor). This provided the advertising creative staff with insight into what segments of the commercial achieved a higher interest level from the viewers and which of the TVCMs should be more fully utilized. [From a press release, Sands Research Announces New Service to Perform Neuromarketing Analysis from Storyboard to Finished Product

Sands says they have studied hundreds of television commercials with thousands of subjects, giving them a baseline of data for evaluating new ads.

One advantage of using EEG technology compared to fMRI is that the subjects are not immobilized:

Sands Research has also introduced ambulatory neuromarketing studies incorporating EEG synced with eye tracking for real world objective measurement in retail and hospitality settings. This allows clients to test facility layout, signage, logos, and product displays in a real world / real time environment.

Here’s an example of EEG measurements taken to evaluate a Range Rover commercial:

Sands Research comments on that video, “This Range Rover spot does a good job of engaging the audience. The ‘motor’ area of the brain activates when the woman is in the car.”

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