Slate on the Brain


Slate Magazine has just done a special issue on the brain that might interest Neuromarketing readers. Here’s a brief table of contents:

“God Is in the Dendrites: Can “neurotheology” bridge the gap between religion and science?” By George Johnson.

“Spirit Tech: How to wire your brain for religious ecstasy,” by John Horgan. Posted

“Train Your Brain: The new mania for neuroplasticity,” by Meghan O’Rourke.

“Ginkgo Biloba? Forget About It.: A history of the top-selling brain enhancer,” by Brendan I. Koerner.

“Brain Lessons: Steven Pinker, Oliver Sacks, and others on how learning about their brains changed the way they live.”

“Best of the Brain: The five biggest neuroscience developments of the year,” by William Saletan.

“Brain-Gym Showdown: Can a Slate reporter hold his own at the local neurobics club?” by Max Linsky.

More comments to follow after we digest this bounty of neurowriting!

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