Still More Brainfluence: 10 New Podcasts


It seems like no time at all since we did the last podcast wrapup… but here we are with 10 more episodes of The Brainfluence Podcast. Each podcast has a full text transcript, too, in case you prefer to read or want to grab a particular quote.

Our very first in-person podcast was taped, so to speak, on the campus of the University of Texas here in Austin. Our guest was Dr. Art Markman. He is the Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor of Psychology and Marketing, and, despite the imposing title, has a knack for translating science into understandable terms. His book Smart Change: Five Tools to Create New and Sustainable Habits in Yourselfand Otherss sheds light on human motivation and habit formation. In Ep #21: Smart Thinking, Smart Change with Art Markman we talked about habits, why they are hard to change, creating goals, and adopting desirable behaviors.

If you are in business, you probably have competition. While the last thing you may think of doing is talking about them, sometimes it can be a great technique to build customer loyalty. In fact, the legendary Steve Jobs used this approach many times to build Apple into the global brand it is today. In a solo podcast, I explain Ep #22: Why Every Business Needs an Enemy.

Who is the world’s first Chief Content Officer? If you guessed Ann Handley of Marketing Profs, you’d be right. Ann shares her insights on paying attention to your community, collaborative writing, using stories for business, and people’s love-hate relationship with writing. Check out Ep #23: Creating Compelling Content with Ann Handley.

What do green marketing and luxury marketing have in common? And what do people really desire? We chatted with Futures Centre curator, Anna Simpson, about how luxury and sustainability correlate, the importance of sustainability, the aspects of desire, and creativity to save a brand. It’s all in Ep #24 – What Your Customers Really Desire with Anna Simpson.

moses-ma-feat-588x226You know what crowdfunding is, but what about crowdlaunching? I chat with Moses Ma about the four drivers of crowdfunding, changing the rules of a typical book launch, the application of crowdfunding and crowdlaunching, agile development and many more. Find out whether crowdlaunching is right for you in Ep #25: Crowdlaunching Books and More with Moses Ma.

strong>Kyle Henderson has an interesting take on hooking your visitors – he calls it the cognitive funnel. In Ep #26 – Optimizing the Cognitive Funnel with Kyle Henderson, we learned about the cognitive funnel’s effect on ecommerce behavior, customer experiences, Amazon’s one-click method, social content, and more.

scott-stratten-feat-588x226A new book by by Scott Stratten is always a treat, so we were excited to read UnSelling: The New Customer Experience? In Ep #27: Unselling with Scott Stratten, I talk to Scott about the danger of funnel vision and how the sales process actually works today.

This is a solo session covering sensory marketing and how you can get beyond the visual in connecting with customers. I spoke about the topic in my opening speech at Neuromarketing in Retail 2014 in Amsterdam, and Ep #28: Shopper Marketing Meets Sensory Marketing recaptures that in podcast form. I shared why I am addicted to Amazon Prime, the advantage of retail stores over online sellers, how mere touch creates a sense of ownership, appealing to the customer’s sense of sight, and the scents that change behavior.

PR 20/20 CEO Paul Roetzer stopped by (virtually) to talk about his new book, The Marketing Performance Blueprint: Strategies and Technologies to Build and Measure Business Success. In Ep #29: The Performance Marketing Blueprint with Paul Roetzer, we learned about the change of marketing focus in the past decade, technology and marketing, a radical redesign of the marketing curriculum, and how some companies are training digital-savvy employees.

It was a real honor to host persuasion psychology legend and best-selling author, Dr. Robert Cialdini. In Ep #30: Small Changes, BIG Influence with Dr. Robert Cialdini we cover a lot of ground, including his new book, The small BIG: small changes that spark big influence. We learn how a tiny wording change caused a big jump in the compliance of UK taxpayers and how restaurants design menus to influence food choices. An epic episode!

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