Neuromarketing Foes Use Subliminal Text?


Yesterday I wrote about the latest anti-neuromarketing flap in Guard Your Reptilian Brain! While researching that post, I found an interesting spinoff at another site, Progressives, South Bend. I initially couldn’t find the text “neuromarketing” on that page. When I searched the page text, I found what looked like a short horizontal line was highlighted. Imagine my surprise that the “line” was actually incredibly small text that read, “Join With Us to Stop Neuromarketing.”

I grabbed a screen shot of the “secret message” in case it’s no longer visible on the Web.

So, was this a bizarre attempt to communicate a subliminal call to action? Or simply bad webmastering? As amusing as the former explanation would be, I’m guessing it’s the latter.

  1. Mr Profit says

    More like search engine optimization.

    1. Roger Dooley says

      Circa 1998 SEO, maybe… 🙂

  2. Sculptor?!? says

    hahaha, and I even mentioned subliminals in my comment yesterday. Either I’m feeling rather bright, or I should go buy a lotto ticket *rolls eyes*

  3. christophe morin says

    Great catch Roger. As someone very famous once said : Judgment is a form of ignorance. This movement is clearly fueled by people who do not understand the merit of applying cutting edge science to marketing. Neuromarketing is an exciting emerging field which raises consciousness on the process by which we receive and respond to all kinds of messages. It is not just applied for business purposes but also to improve the effectiveness of cause-related campaigns around the world.

  4. Jeff Palmer says

    Nice one Roger. I tend to think it was an intentional attempt at a subliminal message. 🙂 Seriously though this makes me wonder if anyone has studied the effectiveness of a single tiny text call to action centered on a white background.

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