Who will win the neuromarketing Super Bowl?


As we approach the Super Bowl kickoff, we can anticipate a plethora of ad studies using various biometric and neuromarketing techniques. Here is one of the expected tests:

In Boston, Innerscope Research Inc. will be conducting a test on game day, as it did last year, using biometric measurement to track the physical responses of subjects to the commercials they see during the game. Participants will wear a lightweight vest developed by Innerscope Research co-founder Carl Marci that measures responses to what viewers see on the screen, including changes in heartbeat, skin conductivity and perspiration, respiration and physical motion. [From Innerscope Research tests biometric response to Super Bowl ads by Efrain Viscarolasaga.]

In the past, we’ve seen Super Bowl ad rankings from Sands Research and FKF Applied Research.

While we’ve been skeptical of Super Bowl ad analyses in the past (see Super Bowl Ads: GoDaddy Girl 1, Neuroscientists 0 and Super Bowl Ads: Brain Dead) I do expect that sooner or later we’ll see some validated research that ties ad neuromarketing rankings to results in the marketplace. Let the game(s) begin!

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