Neuromarketing, From Sydney to Stockholm


fuel-jamWe’ve got some exciting and varied speaking engagements lined up in the next few months, and I hope to meet at least a few readers from around the globe.

Sydney. Coming up very soon is my longest trip for 2014, the Creative Fuel conference in Sydney, Australia, on July 28. My topic is Neuromarketing and the Creative Process. This should be a really interesting event, as the focus is on creativity but there’s plenty of science involved. It appears that Paul Zak, the oxytocin guru, will be there, too. Show up and give him a hug! If you follow this link, you should score a 15% discount off the price of the conference.

Stockholm. Conversion Jam #4 in Stockholm, the brainchild of Conversionsta and John Ekman, will bring global conversion experts together on October 16, 2014. I’ll be joining Michael Aagard, Martin De Backer, Erik Modig, and other conversion-focused speakers. More info here: Conversion Jam.

Watch for upcoming news on speeches in London, San Jose, and Amsterdam. I hope to see at least a few readers when I visit these locations!

  1. Lynnea David says

    i wish I can attend this event!

    1. K Singh says


      You are so lucky. In my country no one interested in create a event for blogging.

      I am your fan of your kindle book brainfluence. want to talk via email If you are available.

  2. Richard Benson says

    Seems interesting how can i attend this conference …

  3. sanjay says

    Hoping there would be an event near my country, looking forward to attend like this one day. Good luck to all that are going!

  4. Victoria says

    Great events! Wish I could attend both, but hope that such interesting conferences as in Sydney would be held in Europe too

  5. Anders says

    Ahh, I agree with the previous speakers pity that it takes place in Europe! Stockholm in the name of the article gives readers from Europe only false hopes! But dobej fun and I look forward to any reports of this event! Maybe a little bit of such knowledge also show 🙂

  6. Roger Dooley says

    Expect a London event in September, Anders. More to follow. 🙂

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