Trend: Neuroscience Infiltrates Society


As we understand more about the workings of the brain, neuroscience is starting to impact diverse areas of society. Over time, it will probably touch many more. This has been acknowledged by the Neurotechnology Industry Organization in their Top 10 Neuroscience Trends of 2007. While the news release doesn’t specifically mention neuromarketing, it does cite neuroeconomics and neurolaw, among others:

10. Neuroscience infiltrates society: From neuroeconomics to neuroesthetics to neuroethics and neurolaw, the influence of neuroscience on society continues to grow.

Other Top 10 Trends include advances in neuroscience tools like neuroinformatics and neural circuit analysis; neuroimmunology; spinal cord regeneration studies, and neurogenesis as a treatment for mental disorders. The list also included growing momentum for the $200 million/year National Neurotechnology Initiative; this will funnel federal R&D money into a variety of neuroscience initiatives.

The Neurotechnology Industry Organization (NIO) is a trade association which representscompanies involved in neuroscience, including such diverse specialties as drugs, devices and diagnostics, brain research centers, and advocacy groups.

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  1. Manfred says

    Another prospect which should be mentioned are the fact that it could lead to a brain washed society where People just doing what the Neuro politicans are want them to do. Freedom of mind and spirit could be further cut back.

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