The Neuromarketing Train in Barcelona


UAB neuromarketing poster on train

In what is probably a worldwide first, ads for a neuromarketing degree are appearing in mass transit vehicles. Specifically, the train that runs to the Autonomous University of Barcelona has posters for the school’s new Masters in Neuromarketing program.

The UAB is one of the top universities in Spain, recently ranked #1 or #2 in the QS World University Rankings.

UAB neuromarketing poster[Disclosure: I will be part of the UAB program’s faculty.]

The Masters Program is headed up by Dr. Pere Navalles Villar and features an international group of professors.

While train posters might seem like an odd medium to advertise a specialized degree program, I suspect there’s actually some smart targeting at work.

If these trains are heavily used by UAB students, the population of potential enrollees might be fairly high. Some may be intrigued by the prospect of a neuromarketing career, or at least improved job prospects with a specialized masters-level degree.

I’d also expect the enrollment yield from applicants who are, say, current undergrad students to be higher than that from more distant applicants.

For watchers of the neuromarketing industry, I see two data points here:

  1. A respected university is offering a specific degree in neuromarketing.
  2. They are advertising it in venues beyond obscure journals.

Do we need more evidence that neuromarketing is going mainstream, and that Europe seems to be ahead of the rest of the world in accepting the concept?

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  1. Ehtisham Chaudhary Muhammad says

    They should offer this in English, however the program page says 70% spanish 20% english and 10% catalan.

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