Brainfluence - RussianThe various editions of Brainfluence seem to have popped up early or without warning, and the new Russian translation is no exception. I noticed Amazon had a “paperback” listing for the book, which seemed odd – it’s available in hardcover, Kindle/e-book, and audiobook formats, but not paperback. Imagine my surprise when I found this:

Brainfluence / Neyromarketing. Kak vliyat na podsoznanie potrebitelya (In Russian) by Duli Rodzher

I guess the odd phonetic translation of my name, “Duli Rodzher,” is one reason why I hadn’t spotted this earlier. I turned to Google to see if I could track down a more complete listing for the book, and struck out. Yandex, however, revealed a few references, including this one:

Нейромаркетинг. Как влиять на подсознание потребителя by Роджер Дули

Согласно новейшим исследованиям в области человеческого мозга, 95% всех мыслей и эмоций проявляют себя еще до того, как мы их осознаем. Однако усилия маркетологов направлены в основном на рациональное сознание, а огромный пласт подсознательного игнорируется…

This is exciting – I haven’t had much contact from Russian readers of Neuromarketing (aka Нейромаркетинг) compared to other large countries, and I’m looking forward to hearing from a few. The Russian version joins an already published Portuguese translation. I’d love to see Dutch and Spanish versions – Holland has been a hotbed of interest in neuromarketing, and the combination of Spain and Latin America seem to account for the biggest share of neuromarketing social media activity. [If you want Brainfluence in Dutch, Spanish, or any other language, please contact your favorite local business book publisher and have them ask Wiley about rights, or to get in touch with me for Wiley contact info.]

If any Russian-speaking readers find a copy of the new translation, please drop me an email or leave a comment and let me know what you think of the translation and/or the book itself! In the meantime, this is Роджер, wishing you добрый день!