Classic Articles about Marketing and Brain Science


By way of introduction to the field, here are a few articles that provide an interesting perspective on the use of neuroscience in marketing.

In Search of the Buy Button (Forbes, 2003) – Writer Melanie Wells provides a nice survey of how marketers have tried to establish a physiological basis for marketing over the years, and some of the different types of efforts currently underway.

There’s a Sucker Born in Every Medial Prefrontal Cortex (New York Times, 2003) – A 3000-word survey of neural marketing by Clive Thompson. (Accessible only through subscription or payment. 🙁 This link appears to have the full text.)

If You Have a ‘Buy Button’ in Your Brain, What Pushes It? (New York Times, 2004) – The ultimate Coke vs. Pepsi Challenge, played out in the tasters’ brains. (Alternate full text link.)

Do you have a favorite “classic” or two? Post a comment with a link… we’ll add them to a master list of “required reading”!

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