Introducing #FrictionHunter, Your Chance to Expose Bad UX & CX!


Friction Hunter TM
In conjunction with my new book FRICTION (McGraw Hill, May 17, 2019), I’m going to be calling attention to examples of needless effort in customer experience and user experience. Instead of just complaining, I’ll be exposing these flawed processes. And, with your help, we can make the world a better place.
Have you encountered a high effort #UX or #CX? Help solve the problem, share it using the #FrictionHunter hashtag! Share on X
Do you ever visit a website or use an app that perplexes you? Do you wonder if the designers ever actually watched a normal customer try to use their amazing creation? Do you encounter designs where usability is sacrificed for someone’s idea of beauty? Or where the company’s security consultant won the battle with the UX experts and forced onerous and time-consuming effort just to use their site or app?

I’ll be sharing some of these on social media with the Friction Hunter™ hashtag: #FrictionHunter. For some, I’ll do a short blog post at looking at the problem and usually offering a recommendation or two. My first example looks at a very common but invisible form problem.

Your Turn!

Now, you have an outlet for your frustration. Don’t just get mad – help solve the problem! Here are two ways to do this:

  1. Highlight the problem on your favorite social media channel (Twitter is probably best) with the hashtag #FrictionHunter. I will share as many of these as possible to my audience. If they identify with your frustration, perhaps a few of them will share it with their audience.
  2. If you want to explain in more depth, send an email to friction at rogerdooley dot com.

While my initial focus is digital, feel free to share examples of “real life” processes that are needlessly difficult or time-consuming.

It’s time to put on your Friction Goggles 🥽 and join the battle against wasted effort and time! And, if you know anyone else who would make a good Friction Hunter, share this post and the hashtag with them!

Have you encountered a high effort #UX or #CX? Help solve the problem, share it using the #FrictionHunter hashtag! Share on X

  1. Saul says

    This website itself has an infuriating feature (at least on my screen). The maddening “share bar” that floats actually has the audacity to cover the text I’m trying to read. (Just enough for me to think twice about trying to read an article here again.)

    1. Roger Dooley says

      Thanks, Saul, I’ll check that out. Desktop or mobile?

      1. Tabitha Grayson says

        Hi Roger! I’m enjoying the articles on your site.

        I’m seeing the same problem with the share bar. I’m looking at this on a mac desktop in the Safari browser Version 13.0.2.

        1. Roger Dooley says

          Like people, it needed a nudge. 😉 Seems OK in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari now. Thanks!

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