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German BrainfluenceThe global reach of Brainfluence is getting a boost. Japanese rights have been sold by Wiley, joining the Korean and Simplified Chinese versions in the Asian marketplace. Publication dates for the Japanese and Chinese versions aren’t yet known (at least by me) – if any Neuromarketing readers spots one of these in the wild, please let me know!

Separately, the German translation of Brainfluence has been scheduled for September availability. The publisher is Gabal, and the translator is Nikolas Bertheau. Check it out at Gabal or


Oddly, the Spanish rights are still up for grabs – feel free to recommend Brainfluence to your favorite Spanish-language publisher. My stats show that there’s as much neuromarketing web activity in Spanish as in English, so the demand picture looks promising. I can connect any interested publisher with the right people at Wiley.

See You in Frankfurt?

Coincidentally, I’ll be in Frankfurt, Germany, in September to deliver a keynote at Conversion Summit 2013. It would be great if copies of the German Brainfluence by the September 5 conference date, but either way I hope to say hello to my German readers and meet some skilled web marketers. Check out the conference here – organizer André Morys has put together an awesome lineup of speakers, including my friend and fellow Texan Brian Massey. See you there!

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