Giant 3D Boobs Distract Drivers


Billboards might seem like old-school media to many, but Neuromarketing readers know that occasionally creative advertisers find a way to transform the medium into something different. Here are a couple of very different examples…

Where There’s Smoke…

South Dakota hardly seems like a hotbed for advertising innovation, but this billboard attracted plenty of attention. As a promotion for Avera emergency services, this billboard made real smoke billow from behind the sign. The smoke appeared to be an extension of the smoke from a car accident pictured in the billboard.

Unfortunately, some motorists found the smoking billboard so realistic they called to report a fire. Ultimately, the Sioux Falls firemen doused the ad permanently.

3D Boob Job

From an automative safety standpoint this outdoor ad may not be a winner, but how can you not love an ad that incorporates a product demo in 3D? Don 3D glasses, and the pictured model increases her cup size by a couple of sizes, showing off the effectiveness of Wonderbra’s latest lingerie innovation.

The Daily Mail notes that eye-popping breasts might be a traffic hazard. No stats are available yet on how many accidents were caused by drivers trying to focus on the large, if somewhat fuzzy (without 3D glasses) mammaries.

While neither of these ads is quite as multi-sensory as a talking billboard or a smelly billboard, they are both great examples of taking an apparently static medium and bringing it to life. Plus, both of these campaigns get extra credit for attracting enough attention from the press and social media to extend their reach far beyond the modest number of cars physically passing the signs.

  1. Brendon Clark says


    Saw you in New Scientist just now. Good stuff.

  2. This sort of billboard advertising has been going on for decades. If it didn’t work it wouldn’t be out there. I am sure that if there were lots of accidents right by the billboard then some action would have to take place to stop it.

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