Giant Ants Make Compelling Ad


Continuing our recent theme of looking at interesting outdoor ads, check out this amazing promo for Black Flag insecticide – it looks like a 1950s horror film come to life:

Who could see an outdoor display like this and not watch the ad to its conclusion? I find the ant appearing to crawl into a window particularly attention grabbing. And the branding statement for Black Flag is certainly powerful as the giant can of spray stays on the building after the oversized creepy crawlers have been dispatched.

The ad is the work of Cleveland-based Marcus Thomas, and was displayed in Houston after a major league baseball game.

  1. Stuart Foster says

    Loving this. Where/when was this done in Houston?

  2. Roger Dooley says

    Stuart, this apparently was done following the Houston Astros vs. Chicago Cubs game on June 4 (right before a fireworks show).


  3. @matpsic says

    BMW made a similar ad in Asia.


  4. Roger Dooley says

    Thanks, @matpsic! Very cool, even if not quite as scary! Let’s see if I can embed the BMW ad here:

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