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If you like my stuff here at Neuromarketing, you’ll almost certainly want to keep up with my new blog, Brainy Marketing, at My posts there don’t duplicate my content here, but follow the same theme of using psychology and neuroscience to create better marketing, advertising, and sales strategies.

Here are my first few posts at Forbes – drop by, subscribe to the RSS feed, and by all means feel free to post a comment or two! It would be great to hear from some Neuromarketing readers over there!

Build Product Love with the IKEA Effect

IKEAWant your customers to love your product? Make them build it themselves. That’s the conclusion of new research published in the Journal of Consumer Research. Customers place a higher value on products they build themselves, rating their own work as high as that of experts. Read more now…
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Sell with Simplicity

What’s the most important thing you can offer potential customers to move them from being interested to actually purchasing your product? A new study described in the Harvard Business Review suggests that it’s simplicity. Read more now…
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A Simple, Cheap Confidence Booster

High AchieverDid you ever have an employee or co-worker that needed a confidence boost? Perhaps, for example, a person who’s actually quite competent in an area, but is needlessly unsure of him/herself? There are lots of ways to lift that people’s belief in their capabilities, but recent research uncovers one of the simplest, cheapest ways ever to do that. Read more now…
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Schmoozing Still Works!

Schmoozing pays offAt at time when technology seems to be putting the squeeze on old-fashioned human contact, there’s plenty of research data to show that schmoozing still opens doors and gets deals done. Read more now…
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I expect that it will be a little challenging to keep the content fresh and informative in both blogs, but don’t worry – I won’t sacrifice quality to make a deadline. In fact, the only deadlines I have to meet are self-imposed. Expect the content here to be a little more edgy (like my recent Marketing Lessons from Nigerian Scammers), but both blogs will continue to feature articles with broad appeal to both B2C and B2B marketers, not to mention non-profits. Thanks for your continued support – your comments, emails, and conference “hellos” keep me motivated!

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  1. Building great blog is marathon, not sprint. Hope your new blog in Forbes will be thriving as well.

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