The Lighter Side of Neuromarketing at SXSW


The surprise hit of our Big Brother in Your Brain: Neuroscience & Marketing panel at SXSW was the world premiere of Brain Hop, a funny hip-hop video created by Neurofocus, and shown for the first time by our co-panelist, Neurofocus CEO Dr. A. K. Pradeep:

I was watching the reactions on Twitter, and it seems like Dr. Neurofocus’s prescribed dose of music and humor was just what the audience needed.

  1. Alexandre Bigaiski
    Twitter: alexbigaiski

    Oh my God! I love music and love neuromarketing! The perfect union! LOL! Great video! =P

  2. Alexandre Bigaiski
    Twitter: alexbigaiski

    Hello Roger. Could you send me the lyrics of this video, please? I love it! My email is [email protected]. Thanks!

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