Rainmaking with Neuromarketing


A quick post in the lead-up to SXSW…


Kim Greenhouse of It's Rainmaking Time!Be sure to listen to my interview with Kim Greenhouse of It’s Rainmaking Time. You’ll find it here: Neuromarketing: Brain Science & Marketing Join Forces. Kim and I discuss some of the basics of neuromarketing: what it is, some applications, and more.

This audio track would be a particularly good introduction for neuromarketing neophytes. Kim starts with the basics, and we forge ahead from there.

Big Brother at SXSW

And, if you are attending SXSW Interactive, please drop by the “Big Brother in Your Brain” session in which I will be a panelist. It’s on Saturday, March 13, at 11 AM in the Hilton – I’d love to say hi to some of my Neuromarketing readers! My co-panelists will be Gary Koepke of Modernista!, organizer Eric Kogelschatz of shark&minnow, Dr AK Pradeep of NeuroFocus Inc, and moderator Dr Danielle Stolzenberg, Ph D, from the University of Virginia.

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