More Neurocinema: Brainy Film Festival



The Topanga Film Festival in Southern California (July 28-31) will include a number of neuromarketing features. Seven neuroscientists will discuss film imagery and its effect on conscious and subconscious processes in the viewer’s brain.

Nobody at film festivals really talks about scientific discoveries that explore the value of creativity or deals with questions about the process of imagination,” Taylor says. “Where does empathy come from as you follow a story and get caught up with the characters? How do color tones in a film trigger an emotional response?” [From San Francisco Chronicle.]

According to the festival website, some of the issues to be explored include:

  • How does the brain spatially perceive 3D films? Does it change our perception of reality?
  • Can a director really control an audience’s response to their film?
  • Where does laughter come from?
  • Neuromarketing – Invasive? Scientifically proven? Why are Hollywood Studios using this type of focus group technique? Will it change the way we tell stories?
  • What happens in our brain when we become emotionally involved in a film?

In addition to the bevy of neuroscientists, the festival organizers plan to have a brain scanning booth staffed by neuromarketing technicians. Attendees will have their brain activity monitored while viewing film clips.

  1. Wes Man says

    It would be really interesting to see the results of research! Actually, it was about time for something like this.

    This is where different areas merge. Art and science? I bet some people get the freaks when they think about it 😉

    As we live in rather complicated world, everything is connected, one way or another. The sooner this is realized, the better.

  2. David Brains says

    ‘Can a director really control an audience’s response to their film?’ – Very interested to see whether this is actually possible through smart utilization of emotional cues, colors, etc.

    Keep us updated on the results!

  3. Dani House says

    It is really interesting, seems a whole new science to understand how things like colours and effects can influence over your mind… I think that there should be a specialist when making the “influence effects” , who to prevent from using effects with bad influence over our consciousness!

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