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Big thanks to Johnny Dee of The Guardian for listing Neuromarketing as one of the six psych blogs that made their “Internet Picks of the Week.” Here’s the whole list with Johnny’s snippet descriptions:

You Are Not So Smart

Debunks the many myths and illusions we believe about ourselves.

Channel N

Psychology-related video clips including a boffin discussing “memory inception during sleep” and an Australian who thinks the pursuit of happiness causes misery.


How fast food is sold, proof that women are smarter than men and why confidence beats competence.

Mind Hacks

The rap guide to human nature, booty call research and the Plastic Bertrand lawsuit.

Love, Sex, Attraction… and Science

A new penis shape theory, “hypochondriacs prefer macho men” and other sex research revelations.

Malcolm Gladwell

Archive of New Yorker articles plus blog and book extracts.

Interested in exploring even more psych blogs? Check out last year’s 40 Superb Psychology Blogs from PsyBlog.

  1. Matthew P. Block says

    Congrats on the recognition!
    I’ve been following your feed for several months now & find it’s one of the most valuable in my reader. Any recognition you receive is certainly well-deserved.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Water4 Foundation says

    Nice list, I’m going to add them all to my RSS feed.

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