Spanish Audiobook for Brainfluence

Audible version hits #1 in Global Marketing


The Spanish Audible version of Brainfluence is #1 in Global Marketing
Almost ten years after its release, Brainfluence now has an audiobook version in Spanish. And, the Audible version debuted at #1 in Global Marketing. This is the first non-English audio version of Brainfluence. The full title is Brainfluence: 100 formas de convencer y persuadir a traves del neuromarketing.

The publisher of Brainfluence narrated in Spanish is BookaVivo, a new unit of RB Media. RB is the largest audiobook producer in the world, according to their website. The narrator of the translated audiobook is Walter Krochmal. I was excited to see that BookaVivo’s home page featured the Brainfluence audiobook as a hot title:
Brainfluence in Spanish is a Hot Title at BookaVivo

The Spanish print and ebook translations were released in 2015 by Empresa Activa, a division of Ediciones Urano. While I don’t have unit sales data for any of the translations, my impression from reader feedback is that the Spanish version is the most popular. This wouldn’t be a huge surprise, if true – for years, both Spanish and Latin American marketers have had above-average interest in neuromarketing.

I’d love to know what people think of the Spanish reading. If you download it, please share your thoughts!

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