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strategy+business best books of 2019

Strategy+business (s+b), the award-winning magazine for business decision-makers, just announced their 2019 list of Best Business Books. I’m very excited that Friction made that list, one of just three in the Management category. It’s a tremendous honor to be named one of the best management books by such a well-regarded publication focused on senior executives.

In his review, s+b’s Ted Kinni writes,

Fast and personable with many intriguing stories…What earns this title a slot among the year’s best business books about management is its power to raise the friction consciousness of managers. If Dooley gets you doing something about friction, he will have delivered a full measure of value.

Another author that made the 2019 s+b list is Safi Bahcall, a recent guest on Brainfluence. His book, Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries, explains why structure can be more important than culture when seeking breakthrough ideas.

Got Social Proof?

Being recognized as one of the year’s top books by s+b makes Friction a little more influential – it adds what Robert Cialdini would call authority. So does praise from smart people like Richard Thaler and Cialdini himself.

But YOU are in a position to invoke another Cialdini principle, social proof. If you have read Friction and found some value, please take a moment to add a short Amazon review here. Even a sentence or two will be helpful – every time the review counter clicks up, that’s a little more social proof.

(If you haven’t read Friction yet but did read Brainfluence, please feel free to add a quick review for my first book. I’m just a few reviews short of the magic number, 100!)

Thanks for being part of this journey!
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