The Brainfluence CD


Brainfluence on MP3 CDI just received an actual copy of the Brainfluence CD. Despite the fact that it’s unabridged (yep, all 100 techniques are in there), Brilliance Audio made it fit on one CD because it’s in MP3 format.

While this disc won’t play in an old-fashioned CD player that doesn’t have MP3 capability, it’s a great format if you want to load it onto your phone or music player. I’ve spent hours ripping a clunky box of CDs so I could listen to a book while I work out or walk, and this is a huge improvement. In essence, it comes pre-ripped. And these days, most CD players in cars, entertainment systems, etc. will handle MP3 formats.

Free Brainfluence?

The MP3 CD is a steal, in my mind – it’s cheaper than either the hardcover or Kindle version, at least right now.

But it’s possible to get a FREE audio version of Brainfluence if you sign up with Audible via Amazon. And, as far as I know, the same deal I described in Listen Up! Get a FREE Brainfluence Audio Book still works – sign up, listen, and, if you don’t want to subscribe to Audible, cancel before the 30 day trial period ends.

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