Neuromarketing Consolidation: Sands Research and Neurons, Inc. Merge


sands-neuronsIn a possible sign that the neuromarketing industry is maturing, two well-regarded firms in the space have announced their merger: Sands Research and Neurons, Inc.

Sands, founded by Dr. Stephen Sands, is best known for their “brain movies” (see 2013 Super Bowl Winners & Brain Movies) that display a commercial with displays of measured viewer brain wave activity and superimposed eye-tracking heat maps. Neurons Inc., founded by Thomas Z. Ramsoy, claims to merge “economics, psychology and neuroscience” using a variety of technologies.

The field of neuromarketing has seen a variety of players and unsupported claims. Both Sands and Ramsoy, however, are PhD scientists and academics, so the combined firm has more scientific heft and credibility than most. Here’s what the companies said about the merger in a press release:

“We are merging two companies that have demonstrated thought leadership and provided leading edge technology in the application of neuroscience in market research and product innovation,” stated Ramsoy and Sands. “Sands Research, established six years ago, is focused on customized research into new product design, new methods in olfactory & taste testing and understanding the consumer’s non-conscious response to our client’s products and services.”

“Neurons Inc ApS has created outstanding tools that empower businesses to better understand customers’ conscious and unconscious thoughts and behaviours. Neurons, at the upcoming Neuromarketing World Forum, will be releasing the Neurons Online App (NOA), which will become the platform for neurometrics and implicit marketing. Combined with the Sands data, Neurons Inc. will offer the largest normative database for both EEG metrics and facial coding (over 10,000 tests).”

In the new organization, Sands will become Chairman, Ramsoy will be CEO, and Ron Wright (currently CEO of Sands Research) will be Chief Operating Officer. Sands Research has been based in El Paso, Texas, while Neurons, Inc. is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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