The Guardian on Neuromarketing


The Guardian’s Nick Carr, author of The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google, penned a brief survey piece on neuromarketing. It begins with one of the more amusing intros I’ve seen:

Neuroscience and marketing had a love child a few years back. Its name – big surprise – is neuromarketing, and the ugly little fellow is growing up. Corporate pitchmen have always wanted to get inside our skulls. The more accurately they can predict how we’ll react to stimuli in the marketplace, from prices to packages to adverts, the more money they can pull from our pockets and transfer to their employers’ coffers. [From The Guardian – Neuromarketing could make mind reading the ad-man’s ultimate tool.]

While there’s nothing really new in the article for Neuromarketing readers, the piece is one more indication that the mainstream media is catching on to the promise brain science holds for marketing. Nick Carr blogs at RoughType.

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