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tools, hacks, more

First, a quick story to explain what this is about…

While my SXSW co-panelists Nir Eyal and Nathalie Nahai were sitting in the green room (which wasn’t actually green) waiting for our call, I pulled a piece of gear out of my laptop bag that caused both of them to ask what it was and where I got it.

Then, to my surprise, they snapped pictures of it.

This led to a further realization… when I get together with my friends and colleagues at conferences, we often discuss and debate topics related to psychology, neuromarketing, online marketing, and so on. But, I found, we tend to spend more time exchanging nuts-and-bolts ideas and experiences, like what software we use to build our lists and what kind of personal productivity apps we used most. Sometimes, it’s a life-hack for building better habits or eliminating wasted time.

None of us are 100% productive, and all of us know there are things about our websites, businesses, and lives that could be improved.

So, I concluded, if the folks I hang out with at events around the world want to talk about these topics, Neuromarketing readers might want to do that too.

I’ve decided to share some of my own hard-won knowledge. I say hard-won, because it was usually gained via failed experiments or doing something the wrong way for far too long. From time to time, I’ll write a post about how I do something and why, or perhaps I’ll describe something clever I picked up from a fellow speaker or author.

You can weigh in with your own experiences and suggestions, and together we’ll all get more productive, effective, and successful.

For now, at least, I’m calling this new section “Tools, Hacks, and More” You may find out how I maintain a To Do list, how I build my subscriber base, or even how I brew coffee (probably differently than you do!)

Before I launch the first post, I’ll ask for your input… do YOU want to hear this stuff? Do you really care what’s in my “road warrior” kit? Are you looking for a new To Do app? Or should I stick to my marketing topics – neuromarketing, conversion, persuasion psychology, etc.? Let me know:

Are you interested in Roger's tips, hacks, etc. to be more productive and effective?

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Either way, I won’t leave you in suspense. Here’s the thing that caused the green room commotion at SXSW.

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