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Brainfluence - Traditional ChineseThere is now a Traditional Chinese translation of Brainfluence! An alert reader spotted it on

It’s always fun to see the creative title translations that foreign publishers create – rather than doing a literal translation, they usually come up with something catchier for their readers. The Chinese title is,


Google translates this as,

Marketing brain can not refuse: 100 Perfect provoke the senses Marketing ? brain science classic rule

I’m sure it flows better in Chinese, although I like the “brain can not refuse” part! Google clearly has some difficulties with Chinese translation.

Lost Business Pickles?

Another description of the book at the Taiwanese site, Business Today, has the cryptic headline,

A story on a supermarket can make millions of dollars in lost business pickles, and years later is still impressive.

That no doubt refers to my “pickle story” chapter about how rude treatment of a customer trying to return a jar of pickles turned that person into a one-man negative PR army.

It’s not clear whether the book is available in China – the websites listing it for sale all appeared to be Taiwan-based.

“Roger Dooley,” by the way, apparently translates as ????? – phonetically, Luo Jie ? Du Li.

I haven’t actually seen this book yet, so if you have found it (and read Chinese) please let me know how the translation is. This version joins existing Brainfluence translations in German, Portuguese, Russian, and Korean. Japanese and Hungarian rights have been sold and are now in the works.

Help Needed: Spanish Rights to Brainfluence Still Available
Surprisingly, despite the high level of interest in neuromarketing topics in both Spain and Latin America, no publisher has bought the Spanish rights from my publisher, John Wiley & Sons. If you know a publisher who would be interested, please put them in touch with me (contact me here) and I will make the Wiley connection. This year, I’ve done keynote speeches in Mexico, Chile, and Colombia (plus an event in Brazil with Spanish translation in addition to Portuguese), and it’s been very frustrating not to have a Spanish Brainfluence to share with my audiences! Thanks in advance!

  1. Lost in Translation says

    I have to admit—“lost business pickles” made me laugh out loud. It’s fascinating, though, how flexible language can be—as is our capacity to intuit meaning. If readers understand your point, what’s the difference?

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to hold an emergency meeting with my colleagues regarding missing corporate cabbages.

  2. Steve Genco says

    Hi Roger, congratulations on the Chinese translation. I’m sure it will make it’s way to the mainland, where a billion potential Brainfluence readers await!

    I also was surprised by your difficulty in finding a buyer for the Spanish translation rights. I have had many requests from Spanish-speakers for a translation of my book, but so far have not been able to find a publisher. If you find someone who wants to translate Brainfluence into Spanish, please send them my way in case they might want to translate Neuromarketing for Dummies as well.

    1. Roger Dooley says

      Maybe Wiley can work a package deal. The Neuro-Bundle. 🙂

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