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Change Behavior with Fun


Fun Theory Musical Steps

An interesting experiment in Sweden shows that behavior can be modified by nothing more than the introduction of “fun.”

Adding the piano-key musical steps dramatically increased use of the stairs. This experiment is part of a Volkswagen-sponsored effort called The Fun Theory which encourages behavior modification using fun. Other concepts (not all implemented yet) include a speed trap camera that fines speeders and pays out money to compliant drivers, a traffic light that shows trivia to stopped motorists to encourage waiting for the green light, and a trash bin/juke box that plays music when people recycle bottles and cups.

Do you want your customers to behave differently? Can you think of a way to accomplish that using fun?

  1. Nik Pasic
    Twitter: nikpasic

    I’ve seen this same staircase done in Melbourne to promote a music festival and people not only used the stairs more but they lingered and interacted when they normally never would in that situation.

    Quite amazing what can be accomplished with a bit of ingenuity.

  2. miami optical says

    I really like the idea about having trivial questions while waiting for the traffic signal. Ive seen this in Miami for an art and music festival they had. Fun theory ftw !

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