What DARPA Knows About Persuasive Copy


I’m sure many of my readers here at Neuromarketing also subscribe to Brian Clark’s great Copyblogger blog (if not, you should!), but in case you missed it, I did a rare (for me) guest post there yesterday. It’s How to Write Weapons-Grade Copy, and explains why the super-secret research arm of the U.S. military, DARPA, is putting money into studying one particular writing technique.

What’s the secret persuasion tool the super-spooks are so interested in? I won’t spoil the surprise – check out my post here!

  1. Brian Clark says

    Glad to have you as a guest, Roger. Maybe we should do it more often. 😉

  2. Roger Dooley says

    Thanks, Brian, it was a lot of fun – you have a great community!

  3. Roger congratz on your guest post. Copyblogger is one of the hottest places to guest post right now. I look forward to the day I get a guest post there hehe.

  4. Erica says

    great post! love the links you added and you should guest post here more as well!

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