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3114a69Sometimes forgotten and often hastily written, the lowly “About Us” page can play a critical role in a site’s success. Bryan Eisenberg explains how to give this site feature the content it deserves. Eisenberg’s How to Write the Perfect About Us Page in a Social World includes 7 Questions to Start Writing Your “About Us” Page and 7 Things your “About Us” page Should Do. (And, if Bryan inspires you to rethink your own About Us page, also check out my Forbes post, What Your ‘About Us’ Page Is Missing.)

BrainNeed to get creative to solve a problem? Before you get everyone together for a brainstorming session read Brainstorming Does Not Work by Dr. Adrian Furnham. Furman doesn’t say brainstorming never works, but it can fail in a variety of business situations.

Carla Van StratenContent marketing is hot. Neuromarketing is rapidly gaining broad acceptance. Carla van Straten brings the two fields together in Neuro(content)marketing: Mirror Neuron Networks meet Blogs and Social Networks. The author says neuroscience is behind such traditional human behaviors as “keeping up with the Joneses.”

BuildingRapportOnlineTim Ash shares his insights on 8 Rapport-Building Tactics to Increase Website Conversions. Ash brings in psychological principles like reciprocity and mirroring to show you how to leverage your content and build rapport with your visitors. Photography, user reviews, and other factors can all have an impact on how your customers perceive you.

Do you like to be criticized? Do you like to critique others? Both can be difficult, particularly in a one-on-one setting. Tracy Smith looks into the brain and what happens when a person experiences criticism. In fact, criticism sticks. The brain remembers more negative comments than good ones, and, when used properly, criticism can make things better. Read: How the Brain Takes Criticism.

CS_Are-women-better-at-building-customer-relationships-and-loyalty-300Emotion, often associated with women, can play a huge role in improving customer loyalty. Colin Shaw answers the question, Are Women Better at Building Customer Relationships and Loyalty?. Shaw raises a few of his own, too, looking at the classic distinction in “hunter” and “farmer” sales personalities.

urgency-snooze-loose-blog-200Trying to find an effective way to increase conversion rates? Give your users a sense of urgency. In Now! Now! Now! Five quick ways to create consumer urgency, writer Ian McCaig shows you how to add urgency to your own web offerings. Hurry up, read McCaig’s post now – it might not be there tomorrow!

informationoverload-200x300Recall is important in just about every aspect of marketing. If people don’t remember your brand or your message, you are far less likely to get a sale. In the online marketing world, there is so much content and imagery that embedding yourself in your customer’s memory is increasingly challenging. Joe Cardillo, a contributor for Eloqua Oracle, shares how to fight through the clutter and get into your customer’s brain: Memory, Information Overload, and 3 Ways Marketers Can Maximize Content.

Emob-VersionAsmWe’ve all had sliders, those little calorie-packed burgers that you can eat in a bite or two. The other kind of slider is what’s on many websites these days: a moving panel that rotates images and blocks of content. Are these sliders as unhealthy for your website as those gulpable burgers are for you? Do they really kill conversion? A split test described in Static Images vs Sliders Homepage Test – Which Sold 75% More Children’s Furniture? at reveals the truth.

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Brainfluence on MP3 CDLike to get business ideas while you walk, drive, or work out? Or, does listening to content work better for you than reading? If so, read about my new release from Brilliance Audio in The Brainfluence CD,  where you can also learn how to get the audio version FREE from Audible.
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sands-neuronsNeuromarketing is maturing as an industry. One indication is the merging of two well-regarded firms: Sands Research and Neurons Inc. Read Neuromarketing Consolidation: Sands Research and Neurons, Inc. Merge to find out a bit more about this significant combination.

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