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What's YOUR caption?
If you’ve been holding off picking up your copy of Brainfluence to see if you won the neuromarketing caption contest, the wait is over.

The winner is… Denise Lee Yohn. If you aren’t Denise (check the mirror, you probably aren’t) and still want the book, check out the options here.

Methodology: With so many good entries, and some whose humor escaped me (probably my fault), I used to pick the winner. Denise’s entry was,

“All I wanted was some frosted tips!”

Quite a few of the entries went down the hair coloring route. That kind of surprised me, since I thought the setup looked like two big syringes injecting something into the subject’s skull. (They are, in fact, gel injectors for a Sensorium, Inc. EEG cap. The gel allows the EEG electrodes to establish better scalp contact.)

A few of the other notable entries:

Daniel Castro:

I just need a bit of this grey matter.

Gary Nordgren:

The new Pepsi and Coke Challenge! Which one will make you smarter?

Finn Thomsen:

Martin Lindstrom, I presume – doing field research for his new book ‘Brainwashed’

Famous Alice:

Sucking out stupidity on the right, inserting intelligence on the left.

Neil Hopkins (Interacter):

404 – Brain not found.

We’ll be sending Denise (who did a guest post here in 2010, Maslow, Emotion, and a Hierarchy of Service) a signed copy of Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing.

Read all of the funny caption entries here!

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