Brainfluence Podcast – Episodes 31 to 40


Another couple of months and we’ve got ten more episodes of The Brainfluence Podcast with awesome guests like Paul Zak, Dan Pink, and Robin Dreeke, the FBI’s former top behaviorist! Here’s your chance to catch up on any you missed. Remember, you can either listen or read the transcript.

In Ep #31: Selling Secrets of Magicians, we found out what marketers can learn from an unlikely source, illusionists. In reality, it’s not so strange. Magicians accomplish their feats by manipulating our attention – not a bad thing if you are in marketing or sales!

Does your business operate under the maxim: under-promise and over-deliver? That’s common wisdom, but you may be doing it wrong. In Ep #32: A Surprising Way to Improve Real Customer Experience we talk about under-promising and over-delivering, how cheap red wine can be made to taste better, and how packaging affects customer experience.

This was a fun session – how often do you get to talk to “Doctor Love?” Paul Zak’s advice may not seem too romantic, though – he tells us how neurochemistry, and oxytocin in particular, govern our lives. He tells us about “vampire economics” too. You’ll want to hug me after your hear Ep #33: The Chemistry of Influence with Paul Zak.

We got a rare chance to broadcast from Austin, Texas, to catch up with marketing pros Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg. The duo shared their expertise in using storytelling not just to attract customers but also to get all the moving parts of an organization in sync to maximize customer satisfaction. Listen in on our conversation in Ep #34: Buyer Legends with Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg.

Interviewing the FBI’s former top behaviorist sounds like something out of the TV show Criminal Minds or a Hannibal Lecter movie. Sad to say, most of the people Robin Dreek deals with are relatively normal. That’s a good thing, though, if you can use insights into how to quickly establish rapport with customers, co-workers, and others. Check out Ep #35: Influence Tips from the FBI’s Former Top Behaviorist, Robin Dreeke.

If you have any interest in psychology, you no doubt have encountered best-selling author Dan Pink. His latest effort is a TV series on the National Geographic channel, Crowd Control. Dan shares what it was like doing psych experiments on Bourbon Street at 2AM, the wacky stunt that made grumpy people stuck in a Florida DMV happy, and simple hacks that reduced improper use of handicap parking. Dan even got people to pick up their dog’s poop. Get this and more in interesting conversation could be heard on Ep #36: Psychology Goes Prime Time with Dan Pink.

This episode is a wee bit different. I’m having a conversation, but I’m the one being interviewed. After Alex and I taped this for his podcast, I realized that he had brought out a number of actionable techniques from my book Brainfluence. I asked Alex for permission to post our conversation here. He agreed, and in Ep #37: Marketing Optimization and Brainfluence with Alex Harris, you’ll find ways to make prices seem lower, how font choices can reduce conversion, and more.

I met economic psychologist (and now conversion expert) Bart Schutz when we both spoke at the Conversion Jam conference in Stockholm. I knew you’d love his insights, not to mention the way he presents them. In Ep #38: Conversion Psychology with Bart Schutz, you’ll learn about the two ways our brains make decisions and how to optimize for each one.

Want your brain to work better? Our first interview of 2015 was timed for all you resolution-makers. We speak with cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Andrew Hill. In Ep #39: Make Your Brain More Productive with Andrew Hill introduced us how he overlaps 4 worlds, the results he gets from EEG studies, the non-transferrable skills we learned in brain training games, and the difference between a nootropic and cognitive enhancer.

This episode brings us back to Austin with another conversion expert, Peep Laja of ConversionXL. We discuss how he uses content marketing to gain new clients, why it is important to produce extraordinary content, and why so many website redesigns fail. Listen to Ep #40: Smarter Conversions with Peep Laja for all those and more.

Got an idea for someone who would make a great Brainfluence Podcast guest? Leave your suggestion in a comment! Happy listening!

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