Pubcon Discount & Neuromarketing Debut


Pubcon 2010, (Las Vegas, November 8-11, 2010), the biggest web publishing and web marketing conference, will for the first time feature neuromarketing as a topic. I’ll be doing a solo presentation with a special emphasis on neuro web design tailored to the audience of web publishers and marketers. Increasing conversions and neuro-proven steps to boost sales will be among the topics. The neuromarketing session will be on November 10, 2010, in the Expert Spotlight Conference.

20% Discount on Pubcon

The organizers of Pubcon have allowed me to pass along to Neuromarketing readers (and your relatives, friends, co-workers, Facebook fans, LinkedIn contacts, Twitter followers, and anyone else you can think of) a discount of 20% for registrations by October 20, 2010! (The fine print: this discount doesn’t apply with other discounts, it can’t be used retroactively, and it expires on midnight US Central time October 20, 2010.) To get the discount, use this code when registering:


Who Should NOT Go To Pubcon

If your ONLY interest is neuromarketing, I’d love to see you, but you will likely be disappointed by the fact that there’s just an hour in one session track in three days of multi-track sessions. But hey, if you want to show up just for my preso, go for it and be sure to say hi!

Who SHOULD Go To Pubcon

If you are involved in just about any form of digital marketing or web publishing, you’ll find an abundance of great content and very accessible experts at Pubcon. It always amazes me that brilliant individuals (whose time would cost hundreds of dollars per hour, if you could even hire them!) are so willing to answer questions and offer advice to people they don’t know. I’ve been a regular at Pubcon since its inception as a conference in 2003, and always come away with many, many actionable takeaways that more than justify the time and cost.

This year there are an amazing EIGHT simultaneous tracks, which means you’ll never find an hour where nothing looks interesting. (I always find it frustrating when two sessions I want to attend occur at the same time. Fortunately, Pubcon CDs with the session slides always ship to attendees very shortly after the conference.) Tracks include social media optimization, search marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, interactive site reviews (always great), and more. Glance down the Pubcon session list, and you’ll get an idea of the quality of presentations and the kind of people you’ll be able to spend time with.

This video a little more info on Pubcon. If it looks intriguing, don’t forget to use your discount before October 20 (coupon code – rc-5030315)!

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