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Sapporo Beer Commercial

Hot on the heels of my “surprise” ad, here’s another long but highly engaging commercial from Sapporo Beer.

This one doesn’t have the big payoff at the end, but rather engages the viewer with continuous surprises and delights. Each level is rich in detail and the viewer is torn between wanting to keep studying the nooks and crannies of the current level and seeing what’s next.

Note, too, the subtle but constant incorporation of the Sapporo brand that begins after the first few scenes. Throughout, there are innumerable references to traditional Japanese culture juxtaposed with the brand, and then in the final screen we emerge into the present day with strong modern branding front and center.

This resembles but greatly exceeds Budweiser ads that incorporate references to an earlier time, like the Clydesdale-drawn wagon. The production values are amazing and the pace is quick – I can’t imaging many viewers getting bored and turning away.

  1. cara says

    i like the sapporo bear commercial. its seems like hollywood movie!

  2. Ron Wright says

    Hi Roger –

    As you know we see and test a lot of TV spots. Without even testing, I can confirm this would score very high on our Neuro Engagement Score (NES)scale. The visuals, the drums, incorporating the brand and very detailed so easily one to watch several times (and would embed in long term memory). Reminds me of a very successful 2007 Super Bowl Coco-Cola commercial that was a take off from Grand Theft Auto. See below link and it was very detailed also with the Coke brand throughout the production. Participants would request to see it several times:


    Ron Wright
    Sands Research Inc.

    1. Roger Dooley says

      Great suggestion, Ron. I found a higher res version of the Coke ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieSzsh4hJWI


  3. Michel Hoetmer says

    Sorry I tend to disagree. Although an highly engaging video, I only noticed at the end that it was about beer. Didn’t notice the stuff in between. To many distractions.

  4. David Brains says

    That was what I first thought as well Michel, but perhaps these strong impressions are linked to the beer in the end as in that vacuum cleaner commercial, creating a positive reference after all.

  5. Natalie says

    This is a beautiful visual commercial. I love how the scenes pan.

    Probably like most viewers, I tend to tune out an advertisement on television if it has a whiff of an advertising sales pitch. Yet it isn’t to say this particular commercial could of showed the product or production of making the product a little more clearly (I agree with Michel in that respect, parts of the commercial seems to get lost in some spots). It is also two minutes long, which seems unnecessary. Perhaps when cut down it may become more clear and precise.

    I still find myself watching and sharing this commercial with friends. So it has succeeded in that respect.

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