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We know that personalization can improve response rates and conversion, but some unpublished research shows the way you personalize a communication makes a huge difference. In Revealed: The Best Way to Personalize I describe a couple of studies that reveal the power and perils of personalization.

Love many be a many splendored thing, but one of those splendors is neurochemistry. In this week’s Brainfluence podcast I talk with Paul J. Zak (@pauljzak), aka Doctor Love. We talk about the role of oxytocin and neurochemistry in human behavior. It’s all in Episode #33: The Chemistry of Influence with Paul Zak.

If you are a regular Neuromarketing reader, you know I often mention stories as a key marketing tool. Digital marketing experts Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg offer a new take on stories in their latest book. Read my Forbes review of their newest best-seller, Buyer Legends: Stories that Define Success.

Did you miss last week’s compilation of the best stuff from around the web, as well as my own new content? Don’t miss out, it’s all still fresh: Giant Conversion Tip List, No-cost CX Boost, More – Roger’s Picks.

Around the Web

Is your website overdue for a massive overhaul? Do those Flash navigation menus seem a bit, well, dated? Wait! Before you hit “delete” on your current site, get some advice from Chris Goward (@chrisgoward). He shares a great case study of “Evolutionary Site Redesign” in The Most Effective Website Redesign Strategy.

Of Robert Cialdini’s Six Principles of Persuasion, authority is one of the most powerful. But, many businesses fail to use it. If you need some authority inspiration, check out Trust Me, I’m a Doctor: 7 Examples of the Authority Principle Used In Marketing by Samuel Hum (@hum_m).

How much time do you spend on Facebook each day? Even if you aren’t hooked, it’s likely you know lots of people who are. Learn from the most successful website/application on the planet… Drake Baer (@drake_baer) draws on the knowledge of Nir Eyal (my fellow panelist for SXSW 2015) in The Science Behind Why Facebook Is So Addictive.

Need some quick strategies to persuade others to your way of thinking? Thai Nguyen (@ThaiWins) details some brain-oriented approaches in The Art of Persuasion: 10 Brain-Hacks to Leverage in Business & Life.

You know you should be testing. Ad legend David Ogilvy said “test” was the most important word in advertising – and that was long before todays powerful analytics and testing tools were even dreamed about. But where do you start? Lindsay Marder (@lindsaymarder) will jump-start your test plan with 32 Split Testing Ideas From 4 of the World’s Leading Conversion Experts.

Social psychology meets social media in Kevan Lee‘s (@kevanlee) article, 15 Psychological Studies that Will Boost Your Social Media Marketing. Kevan provides science-based paths to social media success.

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