New Video and a Free Workbook for The Persuasion Slide


Persuasion Slide Video and Free Workbook

I’ve got two new Persuasion Slide enhancers for you: a 3-minute video summary, and a free workbook that you can download and use.

A few months ago I recorded an interview with Michelle Adams of Marketing Brainology that included me providing an abbreviated description of the model. Michelle was good enough to turn that summary into a short, standalone video:

It’s not a full exposition, but it will give you a general idea of why the framework is an important tool for improving conversion rates in ecommerce and elsewhere.

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Free Persuasion Slide Workbook

In the The Persuasion Slide, I include links to a page where you can get a free workbook and access other relevant resources.

It eventually occurred to me (I can be slow at times) that even people who don’t want to spend five bucks on the book might find the workbook useful. After all, I’ve blogged about it, recorded a podcast on it, and described it in speeches around the world.

So, whether or not you grab the ebook, here’s the link to get your free workbook.

The workbook is mostly self-explanatory and helps create a list of conscious and non-conscious hot buttons for your customers. With the other free resources I’ve mentioned, I’m sure our super-smart Neuromarketing readers can figure it out.

I recommend the ebook as a source for illustrations, screenshots, and more applications, but you are totally free to use the materials on your own.

Thanks for your support and inspiration!

Don't miss out - get your FREE Persuasion Slide workbook! #Neuromarketing #CRO Share on X

  1. Mark Reynolds says

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and all I can say is brilliant. Articles are direct to the point, short and simple. Easy to understand.

  2. Paula Castelo says

    Hey Roger,

    Thanks for the workbook. The Persuasion Slide book is just sold on the Kindle version, right?

    1. Roger Dooley says

      That’s correct, for now, Paula, it’s Kindle-only at the moment. After it’s been out for 90 days, I’ll have the option of releasing in other formats. Thanks for stopping by!

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