The Persuasion Slide Book, Coming Soon!


The Persuasion Slide
Some of my readers may know I’m working on a book that expands on my Persuasion Slide™ model. It’s a framework I developed for helping marketers and other persuaders think about each element of the persuasion process.

Persuasion Slide CoverIn particular, the model puts often ignored non-conscious factors that motivate customers and hidden friction elements that reduce success front and center. I wrote a blog post about the concept here: The Persuasion Slide: An Introduction. I recorded a solo podcast describing the concept, too: Gliding Down The Persuasion Slide.

I’m in the final revision throes. Some of my feedback has been to provide more illustrations and examples, so it’s a bit slower than simple copy-editing. But, it’s getting closer.

The book will initially be in Kindle format, with possible variations to follow.

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Thanks for your support, I hope you’ll find The Persuasion Slide to be a useful addition to your marketing toolbox!

  1. Charles Pavia says

    Hope you will have examples how packaging designers & manufacturers can leverage neuroscience insights.

    1. Roger Dooley says

      Not much specifically about packaging in this one Charles, though the blend of conscious and non-conscious motivators definitely applies to package design and content. And, often packaging has to provide its own “nudge” to get noticed on the shelf. Hmmmm… thanks!

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